Bumbles Jungle Beeswax Furniture Polish 150g

Furniture polish thats eco-friendly, versatile, and made from a blend of beeswax and natural oils that can be used on natural wood around the home from furniture to banisters.

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Bumbles Jungle Beeswax Furniture Polish 150g

Furniture polish that gives a natural wood polish. The polish is made with pure beeswax and plant based oils.

Scented with Lavender and Cedarwood essential oil’s and no artificial fragrances or oil based chemicals, just the pure power of nature.

Suitable for all natural wood surfaces.

The oils feed and nourish your wood, then the beeswax leaves a protective coat and a gentle sheen.

Used regularly, a protective coating will build up on the wood surface keeping it in top condition for many years.


All ingredients are food safe so this polish can be used on kitchen items, chopping and serving boards, with no risk of contamination of food.

 How to use

To use, wipe on with a cloth, smoothing into the grain. Leave for 5 minutes then use a fresh clean soft cloth to buff off to a soft sheen