Iron & Velvet Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner x5 Sachets

A perfect plastic-free alternative to cleaning your kitchen. The Iron and Velvet water soluble sachets are an ideal cleaning alternative which are also zero waste too

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Iron & Velvet Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner x5 Sachets

Made from naturally derived plant extracts and materials, including pure essential oils wherever possible.

This box includes a set of water soluble concentrate sachets, ready to dilute with water in a reused spray bottle, glass jar.

  • Antibacterial kitchen cleaner sachets

A clever and innovative way to reduce plastic and unnecessary waste, while still using super efficient cleaners in the home.

  • Made using plant derived, sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Plastic-free, water soluble sachets
  • RSPO Certified sustainable Palm Oil
  • FSC Certified paper & card packaging
  • Produced in the UK
  • Cruelty free