Ocean Saver Kitchen Cleaner Sachet Citrus Kelp

Using the Ocean Drops couldn’t be easier.  Just drop, shake and clean! Place one Ocean Drop into a clean 750ml bottle and fill to the top with water. Screw the spray-top firmly and shake! Now you're ready to go.

Ocean Saver Kitchen Cleaner Sachet Citrus Kelp

When life gives you lemons…make an eco-friendly, Power Cleaning Kitchen Degreaser that keeps your kitchen sparkling and the sealife swimming. 

Eco-friendly and plant based, the Citrus Kitchen Degreaser EcoDrop™ is the perfect remedy for those greasy, tough to get-off stains. It’ll leave a super sparkly shine and fresh lemony scent from the stovetop to the kitchen sink. The perfect replacement for your existing, non-recyclable kitchen cleaning spray. 

Simply drop into an empty bottle , fill with water and shake to create a new, ready to use cleaning spray that is environmentally friendly.