Eco Shaving Set with Soap and Brush

The perfect eco shaving set with a shaving soap and brush.

Eco Shaving Set with Soap and Brush

The perfect shaving kit for men and women


Our Quality Traditional Safety Razor

If you have not tried a traditional razor before, expect to be impressed. The quality of this razor speaks for itself. You do not need to apply pressure, just hold the handle in your fingertips, and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin, giving you the closest shave and the smoothest skin. 


Vegan Friendly Shaving Soap

This amazing soap has been hand selected for it's natural properties. Vegan friendly, paraben, palm oil  and cruelty free, this bar is packed full of essential oils and goodies for your skin. Orange and Lavender essential oils give this shaving soap a bold character. Clay extracts help to create a silky smooth shave, and soothing aloe vera clams the skin. 

Shaving Brush

A shaving brush with a lightweight wooden handle, filled with synthetic fibre brush hair. Use with our quality shaving soap bars to create a rich shaving lather. 


Please note that due to the type of products, we can not accept refunds for this product.