Health is Wealth

How often have you eaten something you wish you hadn’t because it actually made you feel unwell?  We do occasionally take for granted our digestive system and what it can and can’t cope with.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t enjoy our food and the meals that we eat.  Food is there to nourish us in the best possible way.  Food is there to give us positive and wellness energy.  We are all so different and how we are each affected by food is different from person to person.  Just because we can’t see the hurt or damage that we are doing to our bodies and in particular our stomach, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything going on.  I know more than anyone how so very hard it is to get to the bottom and understand which foods are causing you to feel unwell.  We’d all totally love to understand why different foods affect us the way that they do and how sometimes right out of the blue we suddenly become unwell because of certain foods we eat.  You might even question why even some of the healthier foods we consume can contribute to us also feeling ill.  The answer is in the body that each and everyone of has and the fact that we are all so different and that quite simply food affects us in very different ways.

What if I said that there was a way to take better control of the foods you eat, to really understand what you can and can’t eat as an individual? What if I said that you could have better insight about the foods or ingredients that affect you if at all? 

As we enter the latter point of 2021, I know that many of you will be putting out to the universe your goals about how you’d like to live a healthier lifestyle, about how you plan to take the right steps to look after yourself mind, body and soul.  Even making mental promises to start eating right and to become fitter.  I’d like to take this opportunity as you read this to tell you that there is no secret and that no one else can do it for you but you.  You are personally in control of your own destiny mind and body, inside and out.

Our health is down to us as individuals, no matter how healthy or unhealthy we are.  We owe it to ourselves to contribute to our wellbeing.  How empowering and truly amazing is it that we have the option and choice, to choose health.  No matter what your situation, I want to tell you that you can help yourself.  Stay focused, motivated and determined making the decision to want to change.  Set realistic goals about your health and how you want to look and feel from the inside out. 

For a number of years now, I have been doing what I can to help people to take control of their lives and to optimise their health through food intolerance testing, vitamin and mineral deficiency testing, health and wellbeing health checks as well as nutrition counselling.  I truly believe that our wellness is our own to own and to win.  Health is wealth as the saying goes. 

From this point onwards, I want to invite you to take control once and for all.  To be empowered, motivated and to believe that you can truly feel great everyday. I want to invite you to stop just eating or feeding your body in ways that you know will not truly benefit you as in individual.  To make your goals reality and to reach for greater and greater goals. 

It’s amazing how small changes can lead to huge changes in our lives.  You can totally own how you feel daily.  Life is about balance and enjoyment.  It’s about choosing how to live and sticking by that decision no matter what that decision is.  The decision to take control and to totally optimise your health the way that you want, is the most enthralling and empowering decision you will possibly ever make.  The choice is truly yours.   I’m here to help you along the way should you need it and wish you peace, love and happiness.