Micro plastics found in blood

First we were warned about micro plastics being found in sea life and in our water systems. Now the news has dropped that micro plastics have now also been found in human blood.

Microplastics are small plastic pieces less than five millimeters long which can be harmful to both human and marine life.

The impact from micro plastics on health is as yet unknown. People are already known to consume tiny particles of micro plastics via food such as fish and through drinking water. Micro plastics can also be breathed in, and they have been found in the faeces of babies and adults too before this.

This latest breakthrough was announced by Prof Dick Vethaak, an ecotoxicologist at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

“The big question is what is happening in our body?” Prof Vethaak said. “Are the particles retained in the body? Are they transported to certain organs, such as getting past the blood-brain barrier?” And are these levels sufficiently high to trigger disease?

It is now important to urgently fund further research so we can find out how this truly affects each and everyone of us.

As we stand, we can do what we can to make changes in our every day life.
The power to drive change with regards to plastic pollution is in our hands. Now more so than ever before we can make a huge difference. As a business, mine and many others are giving consumers other options when it comes to products you buy and how you shop day in and day out. The only way that we can push change and make the change more mainstream, is if we vote with our pockets.

Are you shocked to hear this latest news about micro plastics in blood?

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