Menopause Hormone Health Test

A menopause blood test measuring 5 key factors. 

Results expected within: 3 working days


A menopause test checking hormone levels that change during the menopause, as well as biomarkers key to bone and heart health. This menopause test is for women at various stages of the menopause.

This menopause blood test analyses biomarkers which support good bone health, hormones including follicle stimulating hormone, luteinising hormone and oestrogen, together with testosterone, thyroid function and cortisol. The changes in hormone levels also impact your risk of developing heart disease and osteoporosis. 

Who is this test ideal for?

This test is ideal for anyone wishing to establish the level of progesterone in their blood. It is especially useful for women planning a pregnancy or who have been trying to conceive without success. 

What will this test kit find out?

We can test for a range of different allergies and health markers, using one of our home-testing kits. In this kit, you'll be able to test:

Thyroid profile

General indicators of potential thyroid issues

  • FT4 (Free thyroxine)
  • TSH


Oestradiol is a steroid hormone made from cholesterol and is the strongest of the three naturally produced oestrogens. It is the main oestrogen found in women and has many functions, although it mainly acts to mature and maintain the female reproductive system.

  • Overall Female Hormone


Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It is vital to survival given its role in functions such as immunity, regulating blood pressure and releasing insulin for blood sugar maintenance.

  • Cortisol


Testosterone is a male hormone which is produced in the testicles of men and, in much smaller amounts, in the ovaries of women. It is responsible for bone and muscle strength, as well as mood, energy and sexual function.

Testosterone levels decline with age and it is unusual to find naturally elevated levels in men. Low testosterone is more common than raised testosterone in the absence of supplementation.

In women, raised testosterone can result in male characteristics such as body hair, greater bulk, a deeper voice and acne - all symptoms of polycystic ovaries, a condition in which elevated testosterone is commonly seen.

How to use this test kit



Once you've got your kit, make sure to read all of the enclosed instructions - they'll make sure you easily and safely get the best sample possible.



Time to take your sample. All of our health tests come with the exact tools you need to take a sample in the comfort of your own home.



Put your sample in the prepaid envelope provided and pop it in the post. Now you can sit back and relax - we'll let you know when your results are ready.

Using our blood sample kit

What's in this test kit?

Sterile swabs
Safety lancets
Prepaid return envelope
Blood collection instructions
Blood collection bottle
  • Sterile swabs

  • Safety lancets

  • Plasters

  • Prepaid return envelope

  • Blood collection instructions

  • Blood collection bottle