Plastic Free Bamboo Mascara Wand Pack of 25

Eco-Friendly, plastic free, zero waste and sustainable bamboo mascara wand. Perfect for putting on your mascara.

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Plastic Free Bamboo Mascara Wand Pack of 25

Our mascara wands are made from sustainable bamboo and and are kind to the environment.  They are 100% plastic free and are suitable for one off everyday use. They are great for use with our eco-friendly plastic free brown and black mascara blocks.  No more plastic sticks floating in the seas or washed up on our beautiful beaches.

Both at home and while travelling, you can choose our sustainable alternative. After usage, you can dispose of the mascara wands by simply throwing them into your waste bin. The bamboo stick is compostable so can be taken apart from the brush.

The mascara wands come in a lovely box made from recycled cardboard which can easily be recycled with your paper or cardboard waste.

There are x25 mascara wands per pack that vegan and eco-friendly.