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Nancy Birtwhistle - The Green Gardening Handbook: Grow, Eat and Enjoy - Hardback

Nancy Birtwhistle ’s sustainable, eco-friendly tips that will help you make the most of your space, and what it can grow. Whether you have a sprawling garden, a modest patch of grass or just a spare windowsill, The Green Gardening Handbook has over 100 tips that will help you embrace the joy of growing and eating from your own garden. Going green in the garden has never been easier.

Nancy Birtwhistle - The Green Gardening Handbook: Grow, Eat and Enjoy - Hardback

Nancy Birtwhistle 's beautifully illustrated guide is packed with advice on everything from composting, clothing and basic equipment to seasonal recipes and guides to freezing, storing and preserving that will help you save money and reduce waste. This practical book from the former Great British Bake Off winner and Sunday Times bestselling author of Clean & Green and Green Living Made Easy is for anyone, green-fingered or not, looking to discover the delights of growing and eating food they’ve grown themselves.

‘Getting out in the garden helps us stay healthy – and it helps our planet too. Mother Nature wants you to succeed, plants actually want to grow – those seeds are there patiently ready and waiting. All we need to do is just have a go.’ Nancy x

Nancy has done it again! The perfect read taking us back to basics in our gardens. As a beginner gardener I am now excited to get started, I'll be a pro by the end of the year!

Sophie Liard, The Folding Lady

I, like Nancy, am happiest in my garden. But I am yet to properly venture into growing food we actually eat because I am never quite sure if I am doing it right. Having Nancy's reassuring voice guide me through it all will fill me with the confidence needed to give it a whirl! I recently redesigned my own garden so I could grow more food and without a doubt I know this book will be kept in the greenhouse and constantly referred to time and time again. When in a home or garden pickle, I often think, "What does Nancy say about this?" and there is always something to try! Everyone should have her collection of books at home!

Daisy Upton, The Five Minute Mum