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Organic Popping Corn 100g

Organically grown popping corn. Whole corn kernels for making popcorn.  100% pure - no added salt, sugar or oil.

Organic Popping Corn 100g

To make popcorn, first find a large-ish saucepan with a lid. Coat the base of the saucepan with a small drizzle of oil. Add the corn to the saucepan (200g - just under half the packet - should be enough for 2-3 people) and replace the lid. Heat at medium/high and don't uncover lid until kernels have finished (or slowed down) popping. As the corn cooks, simply shake the pan occasionally to prevent sticking or burning. 


Once all the corn has popped. Add your favourite topping and eat.


Corn Kernels (Organically farmed)