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Ultimate Eco Green Cleaning Kit

Green Cleaning ultimate kit with everything you need to get you started cleaning environmentally friendly in your kitchen in your bathroom, all around your home and more. 

Ultimate Eco Green Cleaning Kit

Green cleaning your home couldn’t be easier with our every day ultimate eco cleaning set. Get started with everything you need to help you around the house from washing your dishes to cleaning your kitchen, beating challenging stains all around your bathroom, for doing your laundry and even getting your glass and mirrors back to their perfect shine. This kit hits the spot whilst excluding nasty chemicals and still matching the cleaning power of every day commercial cleaning products. 

Whats included?

  • Percarbonate of soda 1kg plus glass storage jar.
  • Bicarbonate of soda 1kg plus glass storage jar.
  • Citric acid 1kg plus glass storage jar.
  • Washing soda crystals 1kg.
  • White vinegar 500ml
  • Rubbing alcohol 500ml
  • Vegetable glycerin 500ml
  • Amber glass spray bottle 500ml

See pics of what is included in the kit below. 

What's in this box?

  • Amber Glass Spray Bottle 500ml

    Our amber glass spray bottle is the perfect accompaniment for all your natural cleaning products and natural sprays.

  • Eco Green Cleaning Set

    This eco green cleaning set contains everything you need to clean around your home. 

  • Rubbing Alcohol for Cleaning 500ml

    Rubbing alcohol, sometimes called isopropyl alcohol, is a great multi-tasker, useful for shifting stubborn marks and disinfecting surfaces.

  • Vegetable Glycerin Palm Free

    Vegetable glycerin is made from a combination of coconut oil and soy.  It is a clear, odourless, viscous liquid.

  • Washing Soda Crystals 1kg

    Soda crystals can be used to dissolve grease, soften water, loosen dirt and reduce acidity. – Traditionally soda crystals were used for cleaning and laundry and can even be used in cooking.

  • White Vinegar - Unscented for Cleaning

    White vinegar has many uses, including, being used as a rinse aid, to clean glass, brighten small appliances, clean your kitchen, keep laundry soft and freshen up after pets etc.