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Eco Washing Up Set

A simple dishwashing up gift set for every day use. 

Eco Washing Up Set

This dishwashing up set has all the essentials needed to wash up the eco way. 

What you get

• A dishwashing up soap bar.

• A dishwashing up brush.

• A dishwashing up scourer / sponge.

All essentials for everyday use in one simple bundle.


Please note that these products will be bundled and gift wrapped for you.  

What's in this box?

  • Compostable Washing-Up Scourer with Cellulose and Coconut Fibre

    Washing-Up pad made from eco-friendly compostable coconut and cellulose.  These washing-up scourers are durable, absorbent and compostable.

  • Dishwashing Brush Fully Biodegradable

    This dish washing brush is fully biodegradable and made from vegan and sustainable materials. A dish brush with plastic bristles can shed hairs that can end up in the ocean, the bristles on this brush are plant-based and 100% biodegradable.

  • Organic Dishwashing and Laundry All-in-1 Natural Marseille Soap Bar 300g

    Marseille organic dish soap bar.  It is the perfect size for washing up but also it is very versatile - use to wash laundry, body wash, shaving soap, stain remover, general household cleaning, as well as being an indispensable travel companion. With added bicarbonate of soda. Made in Marseille, France.