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Organic Non-Applicator Tampons Plastic Free

These organic non-applicator tampons are the perfect plastic free alternative. Just as we’re all unique, so are our periods. Our certified organic, non-applicator tampons are available in three absorbencies, ensuring you have the correct product for your level of flow. 

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Organic Non-Applicator Tampons Plastic Free
  • Breathable 100% certified organic cotton, naturally absorbent;
  • 8 grooves to provide enhanced absorption & protection;
  • Clinically proven to be non-irritating & suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Expands gently widthways, for a comfortable fit;
  • 100% organic, woven cord, not glued.

How to choose the right Tampon

Medium: Light to Medium flow 6-9g
Super: Medium to Heavy flow 9-12g
Super Plus: Heavy flow 12-15g