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Matt Black Safety Razor with Bamboo Wood Handle

A safety razor that is plastic free for men and women. Perfect for shaving your face, legs and anything else.  A shaving razor with a smooth bamboo handle and matt black chrome razor head.  This safety razor is a reusable and zero waste double edge safety razor that's lightweight and long lasting.

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Matt Black Safety Razor with Bamboo Wood Handle

A safety razor to replace your plastic razors.  Shaving razors made out of plastic and their packaging can find their way into landfill (and often the oceans).  They take hundreds of years to decompose. 

With a smooth bamboo handle and a head made from chrome and stainless steel, this safety razor is a brilliant plastic free alternative. Pretty much guaranteed to last a lifetime due to these incredibly strong, durable materials. Unlike the normal disposable razors, this is an elegant unisex design providing a close shave for both men and women.

Our razors fit all standard double edge razor blades.  If you haven't tried a traditional razor before, expect to be impressed. The quality of this razor speaks for itself. You do not need to apply pressure, just hold the handle in your fingertips, and let the weight of the razor head glide over your skin, giving you the closest shave and the smoothest skin.

Blades are available from our store for more info, see here.

Key points

  • Plastic free
  • Reusable 
  • Sustainable
  • Unisex.

What's included

  • One matt black safety razor.

How to use

Unscrew the handle from the two part head of the razor and insert a blade. Apply a good shaving soap or foam to the body. Hold the razor to the face or body at an angle. Allow the weight of the razor to power the shaving, using short strokes in the direction of hair growth. When the razor blade becomes blunt, rotate the razor or change the blade.
Razors and blades should be kept out of reach of children.  Wipe regularly to prevent corrosion and store in a dry place.  Recycle old blades responsibly. 
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